Let’s simplify confirming your appointments with the click of a button.

Brunswick Medical is excited to offer our new appointment system: NAVA MedQ.

Easily confirm or cancel your appointment from our wide varieties of specialists at three of our clinics.

Manage appointments at your clinic or view information such as our address, contact, directions and hours of operation.

Check availability provided and the services offered. Click on “CALL” to check their availability. It’s that simple.

Manage your appointments on the selected tab in the application.

The application’s integrated maps allow you to find the best route wherever you are so you can arrive right on time with ease.

Making an account is easy. All we need is your cell phone number, email and health card number. The same information we have on file, all submitted ahead of time, from you at home.

NAVA MedQ will also let you know what to bring to the clinic for your appointment.

You’ll have access to forms you may need to fill out ahead of time. No need to use that clipboard in the office because you can fill it out online. Once the form is completed, press send and the clinic will add it your file. It’s all digital.

The clean and user-friendly prompts are for all ages.

Simply log onto NAVA website or download for free directly on your phone using The App Store (for Apple) and Google Play (for Android).

Search for one of our clinics here:


Dear Patients,

We currently serve a lot patients daily in Urgent Care. Once the system is fully booked, the clinic does not have the capacity to add more bookings to the schedules. The only way to see a doctor is to try again on another day until you manage finding a spot.

Due to COVID_19, we have a tremendous increase in patients coming to the clinic. As an extra safety measurement, we had to split our Urgent Care clinic to serve symptomatic patients. This results in all doctors’ spots to be filled up in quickly.

If you have an URGENT situation and cannot wait to be seen in our clinic, we then recommend to go to the nearest urgent clinic in a hospital to be seen by a physician.

Rest assure that our medical crew do their utmost effort to see the maximum number of patients every day.

Thank you for your understanding.

Visit NAVA MedQ

Nursing Week 2021

I would like to congratulate our nurses on their tireless efforts and dedication that they have provided our West Island community and beyond this past year during the pandemic. Our nurses have displayed tremendous strength, courage, and heroism that nursing week should be celebrated year round! To give you an idea, our nurses care to approximately 6,000 patients a week and have not stopped once during this pandemic. Please help me in thanking our Brunswick Medical Nurses for all their hard-work and fearless patient care they have provided to each and everyone of us. Thank you, you truly are the beating heart of the medical system!

Happy Nursing Week from

Rosemary Makhoul, RN BScN Head Nurse

And all of administration of Brunswick Medical Staff

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