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Family Medicine

Dr. Daniel H. Poplawski is a Montreal born family physician, who began his medical training in Kraków, Poland and who completed it in at the Université de Montreal in 1984. As such, he is fluent in 3 languages, English, French and Polish and knows some Spanish and would love to better his Italian. He has been a West Island Physician for almost 30 years and has been at the Brunswick Medical Center since 2015. Since 1990, he has also practiced in the outlying regions like Blanc Sablon and the Lower North Shore of Quebec and is currently a physician in the Cree Community of Ouje-bougoumou.

Contrary to popular belief, he does spend the majority of his practice in Montreal and remains in close contact with his patients both there and in Montreal through phone, fax, email, internet and his secretaries at the Brunswick Medical Center, as well as the nurse practitioners of the Ouje-bougoumou Healing Center. As befitting his frequent travels, his practice includes patients from many different cultural communities and across different age groups. He is also open to many healing practices, believes in therapeutic alliances with his patients, as well as an intuitive approach in finding the best solutions for his patients.

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