Where do I get help?


Are you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19? Regardless of whether or not you have a family physician and feel that you need a medical consultation for any non-emergency reason you should simply call 1-877-644-4545

If you need to reach your Brunswick Medical Center’s family doctor for any non-emergency reason then a telemedicine appointment can be given to you, these telemedicine appointments are covered by the RAMQ. Please call 514-426-6677

 If you do not have a Family MD or cannot wait for an appointment we also offer  urgent care telemedicine appointments through Tap medical, either access through a smart phone app, through the Tap medical Website or through this site.

There are services here to support you.

A full list of these services is available here

If you are asking yourself?

I am stressed, who do I speak to? Call: 514-684-6160 {West island Crisis Center}

My child is stressed, what do I do? Contact: 1-800-361-5085 {Ligne parents}

I am a child/teen and I want to speak to someone: Call: 1-800-668-6868 {Kids Help Phone}

I am sick and I have a Brunswick Medical Center family doctor Call: 514-426-6677 for a telemedicine appointment.

I do not have a family doctor or cannot wait for an appointment) you can make a telemedicine appointment: through the Tap medical Website or through this website.

We are here to help.