Please‎ be‎ aware‎ that‎ if‎ you‎ have‎ travelled‎ and‎ you‎ are‎ sick,‎ call‎ 1-877-644-4545. ‎

If‎ you‎ require‎ an‎ ambulance, inform‎ the‎ operator‎ of‎ your‎ travel‎ history‎ and‎ they‎ will‎ direct‎ you‎ to‎ the‎ appropriate‎ treatment‎ center.‎

Please‎ be‎ aware‎ that‎ Brunswick‎ Medical‎ Centre‎ is‎ NOT‎ a‎ screening‎ nor a treatment‎ center‎ for‎ the‎ coronavirus.

PLEASE REFER TO‎ for more updated information on the Coronavirus.

Christopher Labos: Cell phones, teens and mental health

Have You met Dr. Christopher Labos?

Dr. Labos is one of Brunswicks skilled Cardiologists.

He is a freelance contributor for the Montreal Gazette, CJAD, and has also appeared on CBC Radio and CBC Television.

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Now available!

We are excited to announce that starting immediately patients will now be able to register online for PEDIATRIC Urgent Care appointments at THE CHILDREN’S CLINIC @ Pointe Claire at the Brunswick Medical CenterusingTap Medical.

Appointments can be made using the following methods:

Using the Tap Medical app on your cellular phone

2) Using the Tap Medical website

3) Through this website on the home page and on the Pediatric department page.

Note: Appointments can be made 48 hours in advance of an urgent care day.

Please call 514 459-3433 for any further information.

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