Mary Battershill
Marie-Noëlle Bayle
Lahcen Ait Bentaleb
Emily Blake
Cristina Bodor
Melissa Callacii
Fernando Corbalán
Georgia Dow
Maite Gomez
Melissa Hindley
Maureen Hodgson
Andras Korpassy
Frances Kucharsky
Lisa Modell
Paul Plante
Mary Polychronas
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Jennifer Sidel
Anna Maria Tosco
Victoria Tuvivovich
Mary Vlachakis

Welcome to the Health & Wellness Department of the Brunswick Medical Center.

Our specialists are not only dedicated to health of the mind but to providing their patients with the appropriate tools to navigate the complexities of life. In a safe and confidential environment, patients can speak with a professional about any difficulties they are or have been facing. Through various approaches, our specialists are equipped to provide the best mind and lifestyle care to help make this journey we call life just a little bit easier.


Dr Ait Bentaleb, Lahcen Psychiatry 514-459-3192
Dr Bayle, Marie-Noëlle Psychiatry 514-459-3192
Dr Corbalàn, Fernando Psychiatry 514-459-3192
Dr Korpassy, Andras Psychiatry 514-426-6677
Dr Tuvivovich, Victoria Psychiatry 514-459-3192



Dr Emily Blake Psychology 514-319-1681
Mellisa Callaci, PhDc Psychology 514-319-1681


Plante, Paul Psychotherapy 514-216-9894


Polychronas, Mary Psychology 514-569-9320


Blake Psychology Pointe-Claire, Centre Brunswick 514-319-1681


Montreal Center for Anxiety and Depression 514-796-4357

Battershill, Mary Psychology
Dow, Georgia Psychotherapy
Gomez, Maite Psychotherapy
Hindley, Melissa Psychotherapy
Kucharsky, Frances Psychotherapy
Modell, Lisa Psychotherapy
Reich, Sandra Psychotherapy
Sidel, Jennifer Psychotherapy
Tosco, Anna Maria Psychotherapy



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